This crispbread which is made of different kind of seeds and rye flour is quite delicious and of course healthy substitute for white bread.I highly recommend you to try it.


The recipe is for one oven tray.

1,5 deciliter of oatmeal
1 deciliter of sesame seeds
1 deciliter of sunflower seeds
1 deciliter of linseeds
2 deciliter of rye flour
0,5 teaspoon of salt
3 deciliter of water
splash of oil

Mix all the ingredients together and let the dough rest about 5 minutes. Spread the dough to an oven tray and divide the layer to pieces with a knife.


Bake the bread in 200 celsius about 40 minutes. Open the oven door two times during the baking so moisture can get out. Serve warm or cold with butter and cheese. If you have a sweet tooth enjoy with banana and syrup.

Published by Linnea

Young woman from Finland living in Bergen, Norway. Loves to travel and cook. Enjoys positive and pretty things in life.

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