Vidden – Between Ulriken and Fløyen

Vidden is platou between  Bergen’s two central mountains (fjell) Ulriken and Fløyen. It is very popular hiking route maybe because it is so easy to reach from the city. The trip takes about 5 hours and is about 14 kilometers long.

If you want to start your trip from Ulriken, you just have to take bus to Haukeland’s hospital, walk trough the hospital area and head up to Ulriken. From top of Ulriken you can find signs which says Vidden. Then just follow the signs and huge stone piles that you won’t get lost from the right route.

I spent my 28 years birthday in these magnificent views. All the pictures are taken from Vidden route.

Heading to UlrikenIMG_8806

From the top of UlrikenIMG_8805

From PlatouIMG_8807 IMG_8819


The valley between Ulriken and FløyenIMG_8851

Views from FløyenIMG_8861

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