Pavlova to die for

I must admit that I have a sweet tooth and especially I love cakes! People who know me well know that I like to pamper my self with sweets at times. This weekend I made this totally delicious Pavlova-cake. Cake base is made of meringue which is nice and chewy from the inside and crispy from the outside. Cake bottom is topped with cream and fresh fruits or berries. The cake has quite light consistence so it it easy to eat in big portions. :)

I used cream with quark to the top and kiwis and persimmons as well. For Finland’s independence day this cake would be awesome with blueberries and blackberries. In summertime I would prefer strawberries and raspberries and mint leaves.

Cake base

3 egg whites

1,8 dl of sugar

1,5 teaspoons of potato flour

3 drops of lemon juice


2 dl of cream

0,5 dl of quark

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

2 teaspoons of icing sugar

3 kiwis

2 persimmons

Separate the egg whites from yolks. Watch out that you won’t mix egg yolk to whites. Put egg whites to a bowl and start whisking with a mixer. Add sugar one tablespoon at the time until you have half of the sugar left. Add potato flour to remaining sugar and mix. Now continue adding sugar/flour-mixture to the bowl. Meringue is ready when you lift the mixer out of the meringue and “dough” tips will keep their form upwards (see the picture). Add drops of lemon juice and mix again.


Lift meringue to baking paper and make a round circle of it. Dry in an oven in 100 celsius for about 3 hours. Turn of the oven and leave the base to oven’s warm until oven has cooled down.

Whisk cream and when it is fluffy add quark and the sugars. Spread the cream on top of the base which has cooled down. Add peeled and cut fruits or berries to your taste. Enjoy immediately.

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