Simple and easy – best bread for Christmas table

I love the Finnish bread called “Saaristolaisleipä”. I think it is on its best when served plain with butter or with different kind of fishes for example cold smoked salmon. For me this bread belongs to Christmas table with all the lovely appetizers.  I have a habit of making this bread every December so I can eat it well before Christmas but of course in Christmas as well. Tip: good idea for DIY present for Christmas.


Ingredients for two breads:

For the dough

1 litre sour milk

75 grams yeast

3 dl syrup

3 dl beer malt

3 dl wheat bran

3 dl rye flour

1 tablespoon salt

10 dl flour

butter to grease bread molds

For the glaze

syrup and water

Warm up the sour milk gently until it is hand warm and add crumbled yeast and all the other ingredients to it. Mix well but there is no need for kneading. Butter two bread molds (each at least size of one liter) and divide the dough to the molds. Bake in 175 celsius in the lowest level of an oven. When the breads have been in the oven 1 1/2 hours glaze them with syrup-water -mixture and bake 1/2 an hour more. When breads are ready take them out of the molds and move them to a grid to cool down. When fully cooled down pack them to paper bags and move to a fridge. You can freeze them as well if needed. Breads are on their best after couple of days. Enjoy!

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