Explosion in your mouth – Red Nahm Jim dressing

This dressing will explode your senses in a good way. It is so delicious! Spicy, sour, sweet and salty sauce fits perfectly for seafood for example cooked mussels or grilled shrimps or prawns. I could even try this one for grilled meat. I have prepared this sauce a couple of times and it has never let me down. I highly recommend you to try this. This recipe is from Farang-restaurant’s cook book. The restaurant is one of my favourites in Helsinki. It serves flavours from Southeast-Asia with a modern twist. If you happen to visit Helsinki you should book a table from there.

Ingredients: 2 garlic gloves

2 coriander roots

1 small red chili

3 long red chillies

3 table spoons of palm sugar (if you can not find that one you can use sugar instead)

2 dl fresh lime juice

1 table spoon salt

3 table spoons fish sauce

Chop garlic and coriander roots for small pieces and throw them with salt into mortar. Press and mix until mixture is even. Add small chili, mince and finally add rest of the chillies. Continue mincing and when mixture is smooth add sugar and stir until sugar has melted. Poor lime juice to morter and season dressing with salt and fish sauce. Taste! You should have sour, sweet, salt and spicy tastes in a good balance. Add something if needed to get that perfect balance. Sugar for sweet. Lime for sour. Chilies for spicy and salt or fish sauce for salt.

TIP: Using a mixer is OK when doing this sauce though morter gives more authentic vibe.

Published by Linnea

Young woman from Finland living in Bergen, Norway. Loves to travel and cook. Enjoys positive and pretty things in life.

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