Sailing at Ionian sea

I promised to get back to you with some sailing memories from our holiday from Greece. Now is about the time to share these photos. We rented a 45 feet sailing boat with a bunch of friends from Corfu (Gouvia harbour) and sailed about one week to south from Corfu and all the way back. It was first sailing holiday for me and I can truly recommend that kind of way to spent vacation. When you go for sailing trip you can really get that “active holiday” -feeling with out actually being that active at all. :) Okey, someone has to always navigate the boat to next harbour, but during the day on the sea it is just about sailing, reading, chatting, drinking and eating.



details wheel

Quite relaxing I could say. Nice summer wind will cool you down while sailing and every now and then you can stop the boat and take a cooling dip to ocean when someone asks a swimming pause.



After a long day of sailing you reach your destination, take a shower, open a bottle of wine and head to village to have dinner.

harbour sailingboats dinner_by_these boy_at_thebeach GreeceBefore midnight it is time to get some sleep because morning sun wakes you up early.


And your day starts in these sceneries…

IMG_3273 morning_viewfishnet The next day you will do it all again. Just in a different place and with different views. Sail, sunbathe, swim, read, eat, drink, dine and REPEAT.

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