Breakfast idea – Rice Pudding with chia jam

I have always liked rice pudding and usually I have bought those ready from stores (Risifrutti in Finland and Risluncj in Norway). This time I thought to prepare rice pudding from scratch and it turned out to be really tasty. It is a good idea to make a big portion to fridge and enjoy it every once in a while as a breakfast or an afternoon snack with blueberry chia seed jam. While rice porridge to the pudding was boiling I prepared the jam to accompany the pudding. Good combo!

Rice pudding (four portions):

1 dl porridge rice

2 dl water

5 dl whole milk

1/8 tea spoon salt

0,5 vanilla pod

2,5 dl vanilla sauce

1. Cook water in a kettle and when it boils add rice and salt.

2. Lett rice simmer about 10 minutes until water has almost evaporated. Add milk.

3. Lett rice cook about 45 minutes under lid. Stir every now and then that you won’t burn it from the bottom.

3. Lett porridge cool down and when cooled off scratch seeds from vanilla pod into the porridge and add vanilla sauce. Stir well and place to fridge.

Bluberry Chia Seed Jam

200 grams frozen blueberries

3 table spoons chia seeds

6 tea spoons sugar

1. Place frozen blueberries to a kettle and lett them melt in mild temperature.

2. When melted, add chia seeds and sugar and mix well.

3. Let cool down and poor into glass jar and place to fridge.

Serve rice pudding with blueberry jam, yam!



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