Greetings from Dominican Republic

Everything is nice and fine in Rio San Juan!

We took a plane from Bergen to San Juan, Puerto Rico and stayed there couple of nights. We found an accommodation from AirBnB and crashed two nights with American guy who had lived in San Juan for 15 years. Unfortunately we did not have that much time to see San Juan, because we were there only two days and I got a sand piece in my eye and we needed to spend almost one day in hospital to get rid of it. Everything went fine in the hospital, people were friendly and communicating with gestures worked. Problem solved! :) After two days in San Juan, we took an overnight ferry to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. That was really something! Like cruise ship between Helsinki and Stockholm but with local performances, salsa music, mojitos and with bigger waves.



We arrived to Santo Domingo at nine in the morning, dropped our stuff and headed to explore the city and especially old town, Zona Colonial. This part of the city is really pretty with old buildings and friendly atmosphere. There was some kind of chess tournament going on, so we were able to play in the city as well. Baseball is really the thing in Santo Domingo, so of course we needed to drop by to see a game of the local team (they won). First time for me to see baseball, seemed a bit complicated game but at the end I started to realize the rules. At least Empanadas and Rum flavored ice slush -drink were good! :) So next time more fun!

However, the city was too hot for us for day strolling, so in the following day we travelled to North coast to search for cool breezes. Now we have been two days/three nights in Rio San Juan. J has tried surfing (it was difficult) and I have just taken it easy. Rio San Juan is very small village, just 3,5 hours bus trip from Santo Domingo and about 8 kilometers to the nearest beaches Playa Grande and Playa Preciosa. The village has laid-back atmosphere; children running at the streets, old guys playing the game called Domino and the local corner bars filled with people to share their beers with each others.

Hopefully everything is good back home and you can get some of the sun energy from these pictures taken from Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo.

P.S. Avocados are huge over here!

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