Halva-carrot cake with ginger-cream cheese frosting

I usually connect carrot cake to spring. In the beginning of February when the light is increasing it is perfect time for this comfy cake.

I wanted to season this cake with pistachio halva. I used halva in the cake bottom and it gave a quite unique flavour to the cake. If you are not a halva fan, you can leave it out but then add 0,5 dl sugar into dough instead. I seasoned the frosting with ginger to spice up the creamy taste of it.

Cake base (8 pieces):

2 eggs

3 dl peeled and grated carrot

1 dl oil

2,5 dl wheat flour

1,5 dl sugar

0,5 tea spoon baking powder

0,5 tea spoon baking soda

0,5 tea spoon salt

0,5 tea spoon cinnamon

80 grams pistachio halva

1. Sett oven to 175 celsius.

2. Peel and grate carrots. Brake eggs into a bowl, add grated carrot and oil. Mix until fluffy.

3. Stir all the dry ingredients together and add into carrot mixture and whisk until dough is even.

4. Chop the halva into small cubes and add into dough. Mix.

4. Pour dough into a cake mold (about 20 cm), which bottom is covered with baking paper and sides are buttered.

5. Bake about 45 minutes in 175 celsius. Let it cool down.


1/3 dl soft, almost melted butter

1,5 dl icing sugar

2 tea spoons grated ginger

70 grams cream cheese

carrot slices on top

1. Add half of the icing sugar little by little into soft butter and whisk carefully with a mixer.

2. Add peeled and grated ginger and stir.

3. Before adding the rest of the sugar and cream cheese into dough, make sure that the butter-sugar mixture is even. This helps to avoid butter clumps formatting into dough.

4. Mix all the ingredients well together to get even and shiny frosting.

5. Pour frosting on top of the cooled cake base and even it with a knife. Sett cake into fridge and lett flavours even before serving the cake. The frosting will also thicken a bit on cold.

6. Before serving decor with thin carrot slices.

7. Enjoy!



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