One of my favourites – Tiramisu

This is the best desert I know! I just love Tiramisu: creamy mascarpone, the intense coffee flavour and the final touch with cacao. Could anyone hope for more? We had friends over and we ate the whole cake in a heartbeat, that’s how good it is. :)

I think that Tiramisu is at its best, when it is done the previous day so the flavours get to set. We very seldom have Marsala wine home so I have used to replace it with whiskey. It works!

Ingredients (for four persons):

1,25 dl strong espresso

dollop (about 3 cl) of whiskey (or to your taste) :)

100 grams ladyfinger cookies (Savoiardi)

2 big eggs

0,5 dl sugar

250 grams mascarpone cheese

On top:

1-2 table spoons unsweetened cocoa powder

Do like this:

  1. Prepare espresso (or very strong coffee) and add whiskey into it when coffee has cooled down.
  2. Dip ladyfinger cookies to the coffee and set them into a serving bowl.
  3. Separate egg yolks from whites, and whisk whites into hard foam.
  4. Foam yolks and sugar in another bowl. Add mascarpone and mix.
  5. Carefully lift the egg white-foam into the egg yolks-mascarpone mixture and carefully mix the foams together, so that it will keep its fluffiness.
  6. Poor the fluffy mixture on top of the dipped lady fingers. Cover with plastic film and sett into fridge.
  7. About two hours before serving, sprinkle cacao powder on top of the cake. Use sieve to avoid clumps. Sett into cool to wait serving.

P.s. If you would like to double the recipe use 5 eggs instead of four, if they are small or regular size. I used quite big eggs when testing the recipe.




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