Breakfast idea – French Toast w/ pomegranate and blood orange

In our holiday in Puerto Rico we stayed in AirBnb accommodation hosted by American guy who prepared French toast for us for breakfast. Today I graved them again.

I served mine with pomegranate and blood orange, which both are now in season. You can’t go wrong with Turkish yoghurt dollop and honey/syrup on top.


2 eggs

0,75 dl milk

0,25 tea spoon grounded cinnamon

0,25 tea spoon grounded cardamom

6 slices of old bread (I used old sour bread)

1 table spoon butter for frying

For serving:

icing sugar


blood orange

turkish yoghurt

honey or maple syrup

1. Break eggs into bowl, whisk and add milk, spices and stir.

2. Place bread slices into egg-milk mixture and let them rest there about 5 minutes. Turn bread slices when half of the time has passed.

3. Melt butter in frying pan and fry bread slices in medium heat until they are getting golden brown. Turn and fry the other side as well.

4. Serve French Toast with icing sugar sprinkled on top, accompanied by berries, fruits, honey/syrup and with whipped cream or yoghurt.


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