In the season – Beetroot and pomegranate salad

This was a perfect lunch salad on the other day, when we came back home from a hike and needed some energy, and we needed it fast. Luckily, I had already baked beets in the morning, so the lunch was ready in no-time. Beetroots and goat cheese compliment each others wonderfully and pomegranate brings both sweetness and sourness to the dish.

Ingredients (for two):

3 big beetroots

3 handfuls of salad

seeds from half of a pomegranate

100 grams goat cheese

roasted sunflower seeds

salt and black pepper on top

1. Wrap beets inside foil and bake in an oven in 225 celsius about one hour or until beets have softened inside. When ready, let them cool down into room temperature.

2. Wash and rip the salad and place to serving plate.

3. Peel and cut the beetroots into bite-size and place them in top of the salad.

4. Cut pomegranate in half and remove “seeds” by squeezing the fruit and by ripping off the skin. (Watch out your white cabinets and walls… :) ) Place the seeds on top of the salad.

5. Chop the goat cheese and toss it in top of the salad with roasted sunflower seeds.

6. Season salad with salt and black pepper.

Sauce for the salad:

1 table spoon honey

2 table spoon extra virgin olive oil

0,5 table spoon white vine vinegar

2 table spoons water

salt and black pepper to your taste

fresh thyme

1. Mix all the ingredients together and serve the sauce in a separate cup with the salad.

Enjoy everything with good bread!








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