Falafels with Salads, Tahini-Shiraza sauce and Pita bread

I like to ask friends for our place to eat. Mostly because I love food, I enjoy preparing it and sharing it with friends. One Friday I prepared these falafels and served them with different salads, sauce and pita bread.

Originally the sauce is made of Harissa paste instead of Shiraza. I got the recipe from our dear neighbour (who loves cook books) and modified it a bit by changing Harissa to Shiraza and I used less water in the sauce. This sauce is fantastic! Super-tasty! You can find the original recipe from here.

I must say; it was awesome to wake up the next morning and prepare a proper brunch from the leftovers last night. As you can see from the pictures taken in the morning, we used pita breads as flat breads on the next day, but when they were fresh they worked perfectly as bread pockets for the fillings, yam!


Falafel ingredients (about 20-30 falafels depending on the size):

450 grams dried chickpeas (soaked over night and then rinsed)

1 small onion

2 handfuls of fresh parsley

1 handful of fresh coriander

4 garlic cloves (roasted)

1,5 table spoons wheat flour

2 egg yolks

1,75 tea spoons salt

2 tea spoons grounded cumin

1 tea spoon grounded coriander

0,25 tea spoon grounded black pepper

0,25 tea spoon grounded cayenne pepper

0,5 tea spoon grounded cardamom

about 1 litre of rapeseed oil for deep-frying


1. Add into food processor soaked and rinsed chickpeas, peeled and chopped onion, peeled and roasted garlic cloves, chopped parsley and coriander, flour, egg yolks, salt, cumin, ground coriander, black pepper, cayenne pepper and cardamom.

2. Pulse all ingredients together until coarse and even mixture forms.

3. Move the dough into a bowl and make sure that the mixture is even. Put into fridge for two hours.

4. After the dough has rested, start to form small falafel-balls from it.

5. Warm the oil to 170-180 celsius. Use a digital thermometer to see, how warm the oil is. You should bake the falafels for 5 minutes so they are done. Adjust the temperature, if they are getting too brown too quickly (compared to 5 minutes time). Deep-fry the falafels in reasonable batches so the oil won’t cool down too much.  TIP: It is best to make a test-falafel to see if the dough holds together. (Add a bit flowers into your dough if it won’t hold together well).

6. After baking the falafels, place them with a help of a skimmer to a plate which is covered with paper towels, so the extra oil will drain out.

Bulgur salad (for four persons):

2 dl coarse bulgur

4 dl water for boiling bulgur


lemon juice

olive oil

handful fresh mint

handful fresh parsley

handful fresh coriander

1/3 cucumber

100 grams cherry tomatoes

black pepper


1. Add water to boil. When it is boiling, add bulgur. Boil about 10 minutes until bulgur is ready. Let it cool down and season with lemon juice, olive oil and salt.

2. Chop mint, parsley, coriander, cucumber and tomatoes.

3. Mix chopped ingredients into bulgur. Taste and add black pepper and salt if needed.

4. Serve from a nice plate.

Cabbage and red onion salad (for four persons):

1/2 small cabbage

1/2 red onion


1. Peel the onion and chop it and the cabbage into thin slices and mix them together.

2. Place to a nice bowl for serving.

Tahini-Shiraza sauce:

80 ml tahini

1 clove of garlic, peeled and chopped

2 table spoons lemon juice

1 table spoon extra virgin olive oil

4 table spoons of Shiraza sauce

1 table spoon honey

pinch of salt

1 dl water


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender. Set into a fridge to wait serving.


Serve the falafels with salads, sauce and pita-breads. I checked the recipes for pitas over here. English version is available for example over here.









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