Breakfast idea – Home made Crisp bread, fruits and coffee

Here are some pictures from our last weekend’s breakfast. I should start my day more often with a fruit platter, simple seed crisp bread and coffee. Quite healthy indeed! You should try these crackers as well with different kind of fruits and jams when serving cheeses or right after baking with butter.

This is not my own recipe but my step-mom’s and she kindly promised that I can share this recipe with you guys!


1 tea spoon salt

1 dl buckwheat flour

2,5 dl different kinds of seeds (sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and linseeds)

1,5 dl oatbran

1 dl oatmeal

3,5 dl water

On top:

salt flakes

sunflower seeds


1. Mix dry ingredients together.

2. Add water.

3. Spread dough evenly into two baking trays and sprinkle salt flakes and sunflower seeds on top. Bake in the oven, 170 celsius (fan-mode) about 40 minutes. Crisp bread is ready when it has gotten some colour in the oven.

4. After crisp bread has cooled down, crack it into good-sized bites and enjoy.





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