Hamburgers for Weekend? – Brioche Buns

All is good here, just busy with the exams. :)

Wondering what to eat at weekend? Couple of weeks ago we tried these lovely brioche buns and have to say that hamburgers turned out to be absolutely delicious. The first of May celebrations are close, and these would make lovely late brunch with proper fillings. Why wouldn’t you open the grilling season and bake proper hamburger steaks to go with the buns. Just add red onion, pickles, salad, ketchup, mustard, proper cheddar and chili-mayo inside and you are good to go. :) Well, some sweet potato fries would be the cherry on the top.

P.S. How do you like the new theme of the blog? It’s spring, so time for something new. Hope you enjoy it!


Published by Linnea

Young woman from Finland living in Bergen, Norway. Loves to travel and cook. Enjoys positive and pretty things in life.

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